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»Wouldn’t it be nice if all your internet surfing did something good? Well now it can. Big data companies already monitor your online behavior and they sell this data to make big bucks. The Donate Your Data browser plug in puts you in charge of who benefits from your data. It’s as simple as that«


Donate Your Data, Waoo


Project Title // Donate Your Data

Keywords // Advertising // Project Management // UI & Data Visualisation

Collaborative Partners // Waoo, Uncle Grey & Xaxis

Time & Location // March-May 2016

Awards // Cannes Lion, bronze // 2 Eurobest, silver & bronze //

The People's Lovie Award


Donate Your Data was a project for Danish Internet provider Waoo by Uncle Grey and Xaxis. Uncle Grey is the the Danish branch of worldly reknowned advertising agency, GREY. Xaxis is the worlds largest data company that connects advertisers and publishers. I worked as Account Manager at Uncle Grey and was managing the Donate Your Data project on a daily basis. The team had a diverse profile, involving people across industries, competencies and nationalities. Access the website here - and download the Chrome plug in here.


Donate Your Data is a browser plug in, allowing for users to donate their data to charities; allowing the user to be in charge of who will benefit from the data's monetray value. The plug in is installed and a preferred charity is chosen. By installing the plugin, the user allows for data collection while surfing online. The user's data is then sold to the worlds largest data company, Xaxis. The money from the purchase of the user's data then goes straight to the user's preferred charity. The different stakeholders, and their internal interactions are represented in the model below.

User Journey //

User Interface //


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